Green Energy International, Inc. ("GEI") is a renewable energy project developer that specializes in solar energy deployment. GEI also serves as a premier consulting and project management company in the energy and electrical industry. GEI offers renewable energy solutions that reduce the world's dependence on fossil fuels and create a greener and cleaner environment and planet.

GEI identifies, develops, and finances viable renewable energy projects. The company is able to offset the higher initial capital costs associated with renewable generation by taking advantage of government tariffs and incentives, by strategically aligning itself with key investment banks and financial partners, and by utilizing sophisticated financing structures to raise the capital required to develop a project. Capital investment in the renewable energy sector will spur innovation and technological advancement and drive down prices, which will continue to make green energy projects more viable in the future.

Lease Your Roof Areas
Enjoy all the benefits of solar energy - a guaranteed return and image boost - without the initial capital investment. Lease your roof areas with GEI as a professional business partner. GEI identifies suitable investors and takes care of the planning, installation, and operation of the solar power plant. GEI also negotiates the agreements related to the monitoring and maintenance of the solar power plant.