Renewable Energy AcquisitionsGEI is interested in acquiring existing renewable energy power plants if the majority of the energy produced by these facilities is contracted under long term power purchase agreements (at least 10 years remaining) with investment grade energy end users. Once a facility has been identified, GEI follows a very focused strategy during the acquisition process. GEI is able to structure, negotiate and finance potential transactions. The company is only interested in purchasing isolated renewable generation assets and is not interested in any non-related assets. GEI acts as a principal in potential acquisitions.

GEI will also acquire renewable generation assets in select areas where a majority of the project's guaranteed energy capacity is not contracted with investment grade end users. These transactions may require the cooperation of the off-taker currently contracting the project's primary energy capacity. GEI will directly solicit the owners of renewable power plants with non-investment grade off-take contracts in select regions of the world based on commercial and social benefit and market demand.

If you are a project owner and believe that you have a suitable acquisition for GEI, please contact the company.