Commercial Solar

We help business turn unused space into a clean energy asset that will reduce costs and deliver economic value.

Leading businesses are beginning to leverage “stranded assets” such as rooftops and land to create greater economic value for their company. GEI delivers the capital and project development expertise needed to convert rooftops into clean solar energy - at no cost to the rooftop or land owner.

Solar energy from existing sites can reduce operating expenses with no impact on operating procedures. Solar energy is able to offset a company's exposure to rising electricity costs while creating greater economic value for its shareholders. Solar energy also strengthens a company's brand reputation by providing visible proof of a company's commitment to sustainability and the environment.

GEI offers a wide range of solar product offerings to fit a variety of customers. The offerings include the direct purchase of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, operating leases for distributed PV systems, and providing solar energy services through a power purchase agreement. Our understanding of the complex federal, state, and local incentives surrounding renewable development, combined with our ability to fund projects allows us to create favorable outcomes for our commercial clients.

Make More Profit

Buildings which produce their own renewable solar energy are more attractive to investors.  Owners and tenants can protect themselves against rising fuel prices, which allows them to save money while reducing their carbon footprint and improving their long-term sustainability.

Simple and Economic

A solar roof is one of the most economic photovoltaic (PV) systems available and is ideal for retrofitting to large roof areas. This simple to install solution captures energy from otherwise unused spaces and can generate a significant amount of electricity as part of a clean energy or carbon reduction strategy. Any excess electricity that may be generated can be sold to the national grid.